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 كتاب شامل لخصائص الغازات والسوائل The Properties of Gases and Liquids

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مُساهمةموضوع: كتاب شامل لخصائص الغازات والسوائل The Properties of Gases and Liquids   السبت 14 مارس 2009 - 19:24

The Properties of Gases and Liquids
ISBN: 0070517991
Author: Robert C. Reid / John M. Prausnitz / Bruce E. Poling
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
Edition: 4th edition (April 1, 1987)

Language: English
Hardcover: 741 pages
URL: /http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?tag=songstech-20&path=ASIN%2F0070517991
Completely rewritten and reorganized to reflect the latest developments in estimating the properties of gases and liquids, this new edition of the highly regarded reference presents a comprehensive survey of the most reliable estimation methods in use today. It provides instantly usable information on estimating both physical and thermodynamic properties when experimental data are not available (for example, constants such as critical temperature, critical pressure, acentric factor, and others); thermodynamic properties of gases and liquids, both pure and mixtures, including enthalpies, entropies, fugacity coefficients, heat capacities, and critical points; vapor-liquid and liquid-liquid equilibria as needed in separation operations such as distillation, absorption, and extraction. An invaluable reference that provides property values for more than 600 pure chemicals, this is the only book in its field to include a critical analysis of existing methods as well as practical recommendations.





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كتاب شامل لخصائص الغازات والسوائل The Properties of Gases and Liquids
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